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Contests and Group info!


Please donate :points: here: :iconpoke-lovers-donation: and get faves, llamas and such in return!



We'll decline everything that's submitted to the realistic folder but DOESN'T belong there. We won't send a message or give a reason for it just because YOU didn't take the time to submit it to the correct folder or at least tried to.

:star:WE HAVE A NEW FOLDER FOR COMICS or other stuff like poems etc. because sometimes one part of it belongs to the second-generation and the other part belongs to the first, We thought that you'd like to have it all together in one folder :):star:
Please visit our sister group: :icondragons-of-pokemon:


:bulletred: just click on the 'join' button, be sure you've read the rules first!

:bulletpurple: click on the button 'submit art'
:bulletpurple: Be sure you submit to the correct gallery folder!

~as for favorites, do NOT suggest your own art!

this club is for all ages, that means:
:bulletblue:Only art you've done all by yourself will be allowed in this group. Which means no demotivational posters, screenshots from the anime/manga or games, scans, etc!!!
:bulletblue: No nudity!
:bulletblue: No sexual themes!!
:bulletblue: No art is allowed that directs hate or offence to another person or race, neither those with sexual words
:bulletblue: No violence and gore!
:bulletblue: Do not advertise on the group's pages, if you do you will be banned!

1. Please submit them to the right folder. If you aren't sure which generation your Pokemon is from, ask. Ask before you submit - there will be a lot less problems that way.

:new:2. The submission limit is 2 a week.

3. What the Gallery folders' names mean:
MASCOT: artworks of our mascots, Monsieur Shortongue and Belly, belong to this folder. There is no limit for submissions ;)
Realistic Pokemon: Kind of self-explanatory. Pokemon drawn in a realistic-looking way instead of looking as cartoony and big-eyed as usual. For instance, a furry animal might have more detailed fur, eyes on animal-like Pokemon would be closer to natural size, and animal-like Pokemon would look more like the animals they're actually based on.
Fakemon: Fake Pokemon (aka not from the original franchise) that you (or someone else) make up.
Gijinka, anthro: Pokemon anthros or Pokemon in human form. Take the basic aspects of a Pokemon and attach them to a human. Ta-da! A gijinka. (they do have to be recognisable though!)
Pokemon trainers, professors... and Pokemon with humans!: Any trainers or professors or professor's assistants or Team Rocket members or minor characters or... yeah, you get the picture. Pokemons with humans draw please submit here, not the generations folder.
1st gen Pokemon: Pokemon from the first generation - aka Kanto Pokemon.
2nd gen Pokemon: Pokemon from the second gen, Johto.
3rd gen Pokemon: Pokemon from third gen, Hoenn.
4th gen Pokemon: From fourth gen, Sinnoh.
5th gen Pokemon: Okay, do I need to explain any more? XD
6th gen Pokemon Kalos region, and all Mega formation!
multi-gen: If you have art where the Pokemon are from 2 or more generations, it goes here.
Items and stuff: items and stuff like poke-balls, evolution stones goes in here
Comics, fanfic, meme, ref. sheets etc.: Comics and stuff like poems goes in here.
Contest art: Contest entries go HERE
Poke La: Pokemon La have to be submitted to this folder
Poke icons and avvies: Pokemon icons and avvies have to be submitted to this folder
Poke crafts: Pokemon crafts like Plushies, clay, food etc. have to be submitted to this folder

Please help us to make :iconpoke-lovers: a SUPER GROUP!
Please donate points here
you'll get features/favorites/llama badges in return.. it's at this account: :iconpoke-lovers-donation:

You can also help us by commissioning one of the following people:
xMoonlight: She does 10 point Pokemon/animal commissions!
Kyuubi0017 right now she's accepting commissions of dragons pokemon and just about any animal
She also collects points to make a super group! If you donate 10 points, two of your deviations will be featured on Kyuubi0017's profile for one week! Please help and check it out!












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Sara93Leo Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:thumb458502393: Hi!! I started a cheap donation pool, and I make poke fanarts too ! >.< check if you want!
Sylvaur Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I wanted to ask you: would you accept a picture of a pokemon, a pokemon trainer and a character from another universe (My Little Pony, to be precise), and if so, what folder that would go in? Thanks in advance!
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Pheonix-Sunrise Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I seriously need some peeps on friend safari!!!!!! Friend code: 5241-2599-8886
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DragonDescendant Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
I have always enjoyed Pokemon.  Can I request to join?
MilesTailsFox-fan Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
i wonder if this group accepts crossovers?

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Champion-Frita Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I need help turning my region into a real game! I need someone who can help me make tiles, sprites, and help with dialogue and game coding! Multiple people would be great, so if you're reading the comments and don't think it's worth offering because someone else did, you're dead wrong. The more the merrier!

My Region:…

Thanks guys!
SabiSweaters Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
PICK YOUR STARTER . . . by SabiSweaters

//drops and flees
JeffTheWarriorKiller Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Student Artist
Sorry if I contribute to the long folder, correct me if I do
LAngel2 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Which folder would I place something like this…?
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Digiko Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Want a great place to chat with other pokemon fans? Check out this messageboard! Advertise your art, talk about the card game, video games and the anime! Start roleplays and make new friends!…

New Pokeball Emoticon Can't wait to see you there!  New Pokeball Emoticon 
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